ImageThis blog is both an extension of my art practice — a projection onto a new platform of some of the ideas that occupy my mind and my work — and a place that allows for a freer use of language than in my artwork. I will post about culture defined by broad parameters, attempting to maintain a focus on the status and manifestations of art today. There will be observations, analyses, inquiries, and discussions with artists, curators, historians.

Recently, speaking to a group of visiting art students in my studio/office, one student remarked that he was surprised at my repeated use of the term “artwork.” he seemed to think it a term both old-school and maybe even embarrassingly straightforward in a moment when the parameters of art are in such flux. For some reason, it’s the term I like best these days; it encompasses for me the sense of process that I experience in my day-to-day life as an artist.

The photo above was taken by a former student, artist Ruth Oppenheim, of her son Leo, who had the good sense to put aside Gertrude Stein and pick up my 2008 book documenting a 2004 project (edited by Anthony Elms). I start with this because I’m going to post an interview done during the research for that project, but omitted for reasons that will soon be explained.

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