It’s hard to figure out which will be worse for the upcoming U.S. election – Trump surviving Covid-19 and or not surviving Covid-19, because in addition to the fact that a death would create an unprecedented legal situation, the reality is that a society created this Hydra monster, and without major systemic changes, two new heads will appear to supplant the one, and one of them is likely to be Mike Pence, overshadowed by Trump during the last four years, but equally dangerous.

On a separate but related note, the Berlin-based curator and writer Dennis Brzek interviewed me for the Berlin online journal Arts of the Working Class, and it’s now available.

“Trump’s Democratic opponents have been embarrassingly ineffective. In part this is because they offer so little progressive policy to the masses, even as promises, but also because they are clueless about the representational and performative dimensions of politics – dimensions that demagogues understand instinctively.”

  1. Moyra Davey said:

    Hi Silvia,
    your interview/conversation is so fantastic and informative. it really brought back the late 80s early 90s, and i love how you describe your transition away from that context. I well remember all the group shows…


    • thanks, moyra. i think that the group show remains the biggest curatorial challenge.


  2. Sheila Rotner said:

    It is true that the Democrats’ performance has been poor, partly because demoggeury (?)is contra to being truthful and admitting mistakes, but also because McCullen, and the Reupubllicans he is eager to please, who happen to have a strong-minority in Congress are determined to stop Biden from achieving his goals. Admittedly he has a very weak majority – harder than ever to achieve as Rebulicsns are doing everything to stop Democrats from voting.


    • Thanks for your comment. I am beyond making excuses for the Democratic party, particularly as it has been shilling for corporations and banks for at least four decades.


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