Peace on Earth…

Image… ‘seriature.’ The etymology leads back to cord, rope. ‘Seria’ is also the idea of a series, that is, the necessity of a proliferation of gestures, particular each time …. In a chain, thus, there is always the same metaphor of rope, chain, shuttle. The necessity of linking gestures or moments that do not let themselves be linked, which are absolutely singular every time. And one has to link singularities, that is, put in a series of things that do not let themselves be put into series. This can be a definition of negotiation. Why one must repeat and put into a series, in a kind of serial generality, things that do not let themselves be serialized, which are singular and nonnegotiable every time.”

Jacques Derrida, Negotiations

What I have in mind is not so much a different state concept as the necessity of changing this one. What we call the “state” is not much older than the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and the same thing is true of the concept of sovereignty. Sovereignty means, among other things, that conflicts of an international character can ultimately be settled only by war; there is no other last resort. Today, however, war – quite apart from all pacifist considerations – among the great powers has become impossible owing to the monstrous development of the means of violence. And so the question arises: What is to take the place of this last resort? …. we must have a new concept of the state.

Hannah Arendt, “Thoughts on Politics and Revolution: A Commentary”

Interview by Adelbert Reif, 1970

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  1. erlendi kimmichi said:

    you have given me pause to consider:
    for years decisions are made in the national interest that rarely represent the (nation or) population.
    if war is replaced by peace as the last resort when all else fails it would be pretty cool.
    i am trying to grow a peace comittee.

    as far as conglomming a bunch of like or unlike things into seria, isn’t that just a form of sloth and convenience?
    the search for patterns the recognizable riffs the calming effect of the waves crashing on the beach over and over instead of the nerve racking non-sound of the wave never crashing
    don’t you just love the anomalies? like the language that pops up without rhyme or reason isolated by distance and years from similar tongues and yet there it is, like apache.


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